Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i haven't written in a bit

i haven't written a blog in a bit, probably cause i'm dissappointed with my last entry.
i don't know if anyone still reads this blog either, so i might be throwing up my hands and declaring "what's the point!?!?!"

on the other hand this is just a public journal of sorts, so i can abandon it and come back after a while and share with the world at large what's happend.

i don't know if i want to share...but i'll give some glimpses.

after fund raising and having doubts about going to the UK on the missions trip with the Gathering i went and had a pretty good experiance. i was really taught a lot about how to get a long with others and even if i feel on the outside of the groups within the small group to know that there isn't the concious effort of them to leave anyone out. also to relize i choose to be alone at times, and shouldn't blame anyone else for not understanding what i'm not vocalizing.

other than that i find we worked pretty well as a team. it was great seeing Trina and meeting her husband. it was great meeting the team at Y Gorlan. it was really cool to meet mike and jules. but despite all these great encounters i am kinda glad to be home.