Thursday, January 20, 2011

oblivious and plesantly distracted

Ok, i have no idea when the last time i wrote was, i hope it to be in the past 3 months.
i have just read an update to a blog written by gentry13, which got me thinking of how little i tend to pay attention to those i love.the people that get my attention are not always the ones who need it, or even want it. i sometimes imagine my bff Joyce breathing a sigh of relief when i don't call her 2 or 3 times a day and let her focus on work,and her other friends going through a lot more than me at the moment. lately i have been able to bond with the "royalty" in my own apt. complex. it was their compassionate ears that comforted me when on a rainy tuesday afternoon the bus coming out of Danver's square heading towards Salem depot flew by me even though i stood clearly at the bus stop. thankfully i have a dad who drove all the way from Marblehead to get me to Salem so i didn't have to wait in the rain or the Mc donalds for the 330 bus.
backtracking just a bit to MLK day, one which i had the day off from being lunch lady, i enjoyed sometime with Renee and George and Joyce at Jordans furniture. being uplifted from that, later in the evening i had a new friend named laura come over and we practiced some bluegrass/gospel songs, unfortunately my fiddle was locked in the Vault, so i recounted some basic guitar chords and tried playing a couple tunes while laura rocked the mando and sang. the funny thing about the book we were playing from and the tunes she picked out was that i recognized them from O brother where art thou? if you want to hear me and laura rock them out with a bunch of other jamming bluegrass enthusiasts, we will be at Gulu gulu cafe on the second saturday of february and every month hence, from 2pm-5pm.
so life is going aight.
but what i read on gentry's blog made me wonder, "with all this fun i'm having with friends and neighbors, am i neglecting to pay attention to church family?"