Monday, February 16, 2009

update february 18th

that's me and mike. we just started dating after hanging as friends for about a month.
it was really nice having him as a valentine this year.
also on valentines day i moved in an apartment on essex st Salem.
i have an apartmentmate named Suzanne. unfortunately the apartment is really bland and colorless. to fix this i hope to hang some colorful pictures. i like my room, small tho it may be. i'm hoping to hang some drapes up soon that are berry colored.
life has been going good. i've enjoyed introducing mike to my friends at the gathering through pub theology and Carlos' birthday roast.

i'm on school vacation this week and it's been good thus far. i look forward today to bowling with Chris and some of his friends and then going to DBSA, if the snow doesn't
start! also look forward to hanging with mike more, possibly rollerskating on Saturday with my friend becky, and maybe visiting gma sometime soon too.

heres to a new chapter in my life in salem!