Friday, April 10, 2009

dude, it's like...april!

this picture is a good symbol of finally feeling some warmth in the air!

today, good friday, april 10th 2009.
it means a lot to me in the reflection of a time where in a week the Saviour Jesus Christ went from hero(palm(pine) sunday) to most despised man in Isreal.
when in the Bible it mentions that God "hardened the hearts" it's usually a really bad thing for the one who is serving God.
it's also passover this week and i don't think there's any coinsidence that the remembrance of the perfect sacrifice is also at the same time the remembrance of being spared from the angel of death comes in jewish and christian faiths.

i'm in a lot better place than i was a couple weeks ago. it might be spring and the enjoying of the beautiful weather. it might be the natural progression of mood swings.

but having today off from work and trying to make an effort to reflect on how alone the Christ was, it's a privallege to carry everything to him who died, and on sunday we will remember, he who also rose again.