Friday, January 9, 2009

update...oh and happy new year~2009~!

welcome to 2009!
Thank the Lord that i survived 08...recession/downturn, whatever! 2009 will be better for me that last year.

top 3 things that already make this year better than last:

1. I'm in the state and moving to the city where i belong.
after the mistake of indulging in a destructive mania which landed me broke and in jail...i can safely say that my Deliver has given me some support here in Salem, Marblehead namely my parents and home churches (Gathering and GCC).

2. Encouragement.
i have had the privallege to be encouraged by both fellow Christians, fellow mentally ill folks, and those who graciously work with them. yeah i had to be hospitalized a few times this year but it was worth it for the regaining of a bit of sanity. it was really great to meet the most mature group of "Streamers" yet and the Filid. both of whom inspired me to continue seeking God's will for my life.

3. Work.

after losing a job while trying to attempt retail at bed bath & beyond, i was blessed by doing a "TE" at Holten Richmond Middle School. that job i will maintain til june, i'm so grateful.

be blessed.