Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lordship...Sunshine Deathray...and googly eyes

Two weeks in Kentucky = a whole lot to think about!
i will try to break up the 2 weeks into 3 segments which will be the title subjects.


my brother mike was intent on getting me in on the "life with guy" night the thursday me and G.G. rolled into town. fact is it was a group of young marrieds plus myself, bro, gg and mikey's roomie dave as the single reps. the dinner went alright, typical topics Christian youngfolk expecting children talk wafted over the table. oh yeah, 5 couples in the church are expecting children. i'm not going to reopen the dinner conversation cause that's not the point, but that is where the name Sunshine Deathray was thrown in. umm lets get to the point...the point where i got really real and was honest about me and Jesus. i think i really said too much, but what's weird is my brother had a clue that the past 5 years of my life have been rather stagnent, which transaltes to the challenge thrown in my face in the "hot seat" the question of " do you declare jesus' lordship over your life?" i thought i made myself very clear in the 1/2 hour questions were being thrown at me i love jesus, and i'm a christian, but it didn't seem good enough for this group of strangers. and i can see why from more reflection on why the hell i've been stuck in my parents house for 20 someodd years, making the same mistakes, going through the same cycles and always not falling/leanin/ seeking the life God surely wants to bless me with. He wants me to let my heart love and get me out of the cycle (hedges) .

anyways...i left that meeting tired and not wanting to ponder the greatness of what happend in that room. not wanting to face that maybe, just maybe, i should tap into the kentucky life my brother has experienced for a bit and increase the hunger after the Lord ember started in me once again.

Ghissela and I spent the rest of my time there talking, walking, watching hulu, and hanging out a bit with mike.

in Lexington, i loved helping my aunt susan out where she needed and listening to her advice. i enjoyed hanging out with my now grown cousins and celebrating Sean's graduation from high school, but what a change since the 15 years that i had last visited them!
tuesday wing night needs to translate up here too....i need to find a wing place and some folks to share wings with!

finally, on the final leg of my journey from Lex to Bos, i noticed something creative on the Riverside green line, googly eyes on a poster, i like googly eyes.