Tuesday, September 18, 2007

welcome to september...

i like September.

especially this one. beauty and coolness of the day beckons me to be out, to see the creation of God ready for the harvest. the apples taste mighty fine this time of year, as well as the cider and sauce made from them.

tho September does have it's reflective moments,such as 9/11,it still holds a sense of beauty and change.this september will not be like next years, it has the distinctness of being dry and unseasonably warm.

i find hope in the autumn, harvest, holidays(yom kippur and the other one that has slipped my mind, as well as labor day), and beginning to see the end of the year on the horizon.

i know the hymnst says "my hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus Christ and righteousness", but sometimes my hope is in the little things he over sees, like seasons and months and things that physically exist. i may be of little faith if i like to see proof of what i believe in, but taking pleasure in things of this world, in the beauty God sets in it, i will not listen to any shunning of that!