Tuesday, June 30, 2009

didya ever feel like a comic book character?

so i'm chilling with my friend Joyce at the Vault, where the Gathering meets, and we start playing with the photo booth, cuz macbooks are cool, and get into conversing about the above photo.

Have you ever felt like a comic book hero?

i have.

i cannot "out" any of my fellow super heroes (most of whom also struggle with mental illness) but i will out myself as "Electric Elizabeth"

as a Holy Spirit baptized both in water and with the gift of toungues (also i'm able to speak french, a lil spainish, a lil welsh, and a lil german), the holy spirit tend s to literally make me move.

Joyce brought up an example of "being moved in the spirit" that happend Sunday, June 28th, 2009.

Jeff Gentry, co pastor of the Gathering at Salem, was speaking on Luke 9: the sending out of the disciples.

at a pivotal point in his point making, i had a moment of annointing and called out whilst twitching "hospitality".

when Jesus sent out his disciples he sent them with nothing, to heal and preach, so the basic distractions were stripped,and when entering villages, they had to humbly ask for basic needs, food , shelter, ect.=hospitality.

do you practice hospitality?

it's not easy, times are tight...unemployment and the like...but if we are blessed, shan't we share what we have with those who have not?