Thursday, March 24, 2011

the game

bruins 2 beers, one burger, 7-0 bruins. see why i wanted to go to the garden to see the b's?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

an odd tuesday

as i tune in to the bruins tonight it strikes me that this tuesday has been unseasonably positive. the current score of the game is 2-1 bruins at the end of the 2nd. but another odd thing is i'm not playing trivia tonight. yes i miss it, but if i showed up tonight i would be a lone player in the midst of teams which would kick my ass answerwise and any hope of suceeding without my awesome team mates would be futile.
so, not that i'm a quitter, but i will not show up when the odds are unsurmountable.
also on tv tonight the tittlating ncis and a repeat of glee. both make me happy :-)
too much tv? maybe, but this follows an afternoon movie with roblen. shutter island is such a good movie, no wonder folks rave about martin scorcese. i was very hesitant to watch it, but the other choices were the orphanage or the tooth fairy. neither were my cup of tea. but shutter island moves up my list for acurately depicting mental illness and the struggle for answers.
more hockey happiness...
more peace in my soul...
more joy in my heart...
more jesus

Monday, March 21, 2011

more thoughts

so. today in a lull in the bustling cafeteria, i thought of more stuff.
i need to call my friend in Bridge church northshore. i need to find a better church with less alienation which i caused my self, but i do feel that it was provoked by certain members, both old and new, at the gathering. the last sunday @ the vault felt just as poisoness for me as it had for the 2 years i feel i lost favor, respect and trust. but it felt more magnified than i felt it before.
i've been church shopping, the first weeks i attended a baptist church and was trying to tag along with Tom newman and mary deane for new experiences. that didn't last long.
i also saw 6 baptisms @ grace community church in marblehead.
i miss my charasmatio brethren.
i miss "hearing" or feeling the presence of Abba.
i miss the people who have forgiven me for the bashing blog which i somewhat meant but shouldn't have said.
i miss you.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

today is the first day in the rest of your life!

as i sit here, in the living room of apt 2 in salem, ma. i ponder what a silly creature i can be. the bruins are on an i'm here with cheese, thinking of whether or not i want wine(that has been so graciously passed to me by Joyce), and i'm content. i will try not to compare myself to friends because it's superfulous. i have my story, they have theirs. but ain't it cool when they entertwine?
i am agreeing with a friend more and more that online dating is for the birds. i really think that i almost am trying too hard to find someone and not sitting back and appearing disinterested. isn't that how it works? when one is not interested mr(or miss) right wanders into one's life?
(chara is the man)

so, being a silly creature, almost in love with hockey completely, and also being 30 and not happy with the idea of being "content" being single for life and relying on friendships to guide me through bouts of loneliness or flat out wanting human touch(in that way). i wonder if i should make any more effort? maybe working, socializing, and hockey can carry me through til the next jerk(or possibly gentleman) takes me out to a live show or cafe?

i won't hold my breath, but i'll try almost anything at least once.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


the only constant in my life is change.
i know in my faith there's the thought that God is constant. and in a way he is, but he enables/causes change. nothing in my life stays the same for more than 5 years...tho i could argue that in my life my mind and general looks are constant, things around me, the general atmosphere i exist in, doesn't stay the same.
i shouldn't be too upset, but i kinda am aching emotionally for a friend that has had a really rough time in the past 5 years. i've known her for 3 of those years, and i don't know what to say to much of her life. Although i am a listener/chatter i don't always, fact rarely, feel i have the right words for comforting her's and mine mind.
facts are facts, sometimes there are no right words, just 2 ears for listening.

change being that i feel i'm going to lose a group of friends once this instigator/ leader takes off. which leads into the process of developing new friendships, and having hope, that friendship will not be lost, with this change.,