Monday, October 22, 2007

i'm a survivor...and i'm about to ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

good evening.
i just came off a 10 hr shift, and a weekend where i was up around 6am, and home around 10pm...

can i go to bed now?

i will breifly descibe some of the events that have transpired and kept me busy.

friday: worked at GCC (grace community church{marblehead}) from 10 am-12pm. *hour lunch*. went on to Salem to assist in set up of "Free Hot Cocoa" and fountain stage...
it went alright, despite getting soaked from the rain and standing beneth a leaky tent!
what wasn't going to work out was being expected to stand with one other person and a group of dream interrupting interns in the rain, til midnight!!! fortunately, there was a brave soul to sit on the stage, guard sound equipment, and allow the Vault to carry on the Brimstone Chronicles (visit Whyman blogs), and relieve me and the other "host mom" to get the interns out of the rain and to their warm, guest sleeping areas!

saturday: 10am dropoff for the 3 interns from chez steadman.
12pm therapist
1pm buy more work uniforms:)
2-8pm work
8-930pm events at the gathering('barking' for free hot cocoa, cleaning carpet @ Vault)

sunday: wake @ 5:30, putter
9:00 arrive at vault, prepare for worship
10:00 Gathering Sunday service begins
12:00pm lunch, work from 1230-130pm
2:00pm arrive back at Gathering, MONK UP!
3:00pm-5:00pm give confession of 'sins of the Church', in a vault, in robes, by candlelight, with the door locked.
5:30 prepare for 6pm service.
6pm service includes learning about Burning man, and an author who included pastor phil in a new book about unusual pastors.
8pm join up with a dream/ spirtual readers team
9:30 pm drop of luggage of 3 interns and go home :)

this weekend is really a kick off and foretaste of what next weekend, and halloween will be. it was great getting to know the new group of interns. please pray for the continuation of "seeds planted" and doors open, as well as adequate rest, peace, love and grace from all who serve.

peace of Christ!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bipolar Awareness Day

today is Bipolar awareness day. i kept it in the back of my mind as i worked 12 hours today. thankfully the client was in a good mindset, therefore i had time to observe this day slightly.

the reason i even bring it up is not only the fact that i have this disorder, but to thank my friends and family whose relationship between them and myself have been affected by my mood swings.

most of my friends haven't been totally scared away, and i feel blessed with all the new friendships i'm forming with people.

i also want to thank Jesus, who has protected me from myself and in strange situations which could've really been bad. He is my rock.

King David, the famous psalmist, also had mood swings, from where he cried out to the Lord, "where are you?" and praised Him in the next psalm for annointing with oil.

hmm a man after Gods own heart, maybe there's hope for me yet.

Monday, October 1, 2007


"Is cherry blossom lotion combustable?" the question breezed through my mind as i stepped out of the JCC sauna after a 1/2 hr work out in the pool. i smiled and decided this would be a topic to hash out on my blog.
no deep philosophies today (impish smile), but if they invade my head i may have to let my fingers do the talking.
First, to explain the question, a couple years ago, when i was shedding pounds and eating correctly, i made the wise choice of moving my, ahem, limbs- in a pool for excercise. this coupled with some walks about Salem and Marblehead, was a sucess. but the point of this is not the weight, it was the sauna.
many times after the 45 minute water jogging/aerobics, i would meet up with the russian jewish ladies in the sauna and "chew the fat"(at least the english parts of the conversation). the rules posted about the sauna mostly made sense to me, no water (it's a sauna, not a steamer), no pregnant women (what would it do to the fetus?), but when i read on to the no lotions, and found the rule was broken daily, i followed the herd. Rationalization being, "I'm only here for a few to 15 minutes, what does it hurt?"
no ephinaies here, tho in the end i concluded ( and proved) cherry blossom lotion does NOT explode in a sauna, i might not bring it in as often, maybe, just maybe, i'll learn to respect an establishment.