Sunday, May 18, 2008

goodbye again?!?! indeed

i'm leaving!

but not for as long as i was gone last time. (yay! no dallas{if that's his real name})
i'm actually taking off tuesday with my future sister in law ghissela. we will be driving down to NJ then across to KY to bring my bro mikey a van and happiness through seeing me and his fiancee! so...what's planned for this trip? definately not another trip to jail(medications will be packed and used). the loose plan for now is to hang with mikey for a bit and see the community he joined...then to stay with my favorite aunt, Susan Stens.i plan to be back around the 1st of June, Ghissa wants me to stay longer but i kinda still need to work on putting my life together here on the northshore. there's nothing easy about not being able to see one of my few friends again til august after i drop her off in her new home, but that's just another thing on my list to change about myself. the friend component, it's not easy not having many people to call on the weekends to just chill with.

so the list: 1. job
2. housing
3. friends
4. dance
eh, that's enough for now