Saturday, January 5, 2008


well i declare!

that this years resolutions will be myself...and not crack under the strain of two strong minded parent who declare sickness in times of strength(assertion).

that means...i've got to find a place to live...that they are aware i'm safe, but can't come to call everytime they think i need advice!

anyone have sanctuary?

oes i know( i can't make a random cattle call on this blog...)

but i know that i have sisters, who might enjoy chill company, and not mind strange work hours...(sigh)

flightest of the fight spirit has been released.

i have no words to describe having hovering parental units...when all i want is my mission field...

i don't like living here!
if anyone is interested...i'm about to declare my purpose

from notes about myself:

will of God
sold soul
of anyone one cause

expulsion of the holy spirit...

please, comment my friends, i like encouragement...speaking is weakness, but in it, i am made strong...

through Christ, alone

Friday, January 4, 2008

not much

eh, been explorin creativity once again,

i feel i've opened a sore vein that needed draining

i'm not sick, i've got __--0)(parental problems)

i feel so stifled like a mouse in a wall

one parent says" you're goin to fail"

the other" you're special--but stupid( in a sense that i won't make it...)

please if you read this do not mistake it for a dig against my family, it's a need to be elsewhere...

my spirit says(go) embrace the world(--)

my sensibleness says...aye no, you're stuck in this pit ...but i have useful gifts,

sigh, broken

need to