Tuesday, December 16, 2008

stille nacht...

sometimes one craves a silent night.

often times i find my weeks are full, but lately tuesday nights have managed to be a bit quieter.

i think of Christmas and influx of family coming, they tend to bring joy and gifts and want to be entertained. i cannot wait to see my sister, sisterinlaw, and brother!


i feel kinda depressed. it will be hard this year to tap into the joy when i feel kinda overwhelmed from work and saddened that financially i probably won't be able to afford going dancing on friday nights or mondays or wenesdays for that matter! (monday:lindy hop practice, wenesday:west coast swing, friday: salsa or yet another attempt to find swing city!)

i'm content that tho i won't be able to invest tons of money into this season, i do have time and can try to muster up a smile or , as jim says, a belly laugh.

gutten nacht!

nos da!