Monday, October 18, 2010


I don't believe i've made the time to blog about what has become one of my most favorite months and why i believe i have been called to Salem.
i also don't know how much of my testimony will be woven through the gentle taptap of my keyboard, nor do i claim to make much sense at the moment. For i am weary, but my bed time isn't til 10pm. if i was a logical thinker i might've breezed through my past blogs to save myself repeating myself.
Enough stalling! OCTOBER.
5 or 6 years ago when i lost faith in foursquare in lynn, i stumbled into a cave like corner of a frequented mall. In the cave room for a 6pm service i came across an evening service with the other liz(whom is now in KY). what drew me close was not only a welcoming to a Gathering that had been there since i graduated high school, but a genuine, comprehensible,loving group of believers that were including, real, and work-with-able. i might have alluded to Diane, Phil, Jeff, & Bev in previous posts but in this post they get another nod for those founding pioneers from California have actually helped me grow, mature, and be encouraged by patients, prayer & petition. the family-like acceptance and joy and i dare say healing that exudes from the Vault has made me feel -speechless.
this october i will be joining the ranks of the Gathering again and ministering to the masses @ halloween. there is a peace and expectation upon this season. and i'd love to brag about the sucessful ministry that has grown out of a maybe 10 member gathering to one that includes about 50+! God is love, let us love one another.