Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gathering Service 8/15/10

Here i am again.
At the Vault @ 217 Essex St, Salem.
Jeff Gentry is sharing his love for Jesus and encouraging us to take delight daily in God's deliverance, mercy and redemption of us through Crist.
"the Lord has made us righteous...and is giving us the desire to persevere to the end!"

The Lord lights our lamp, he lights our darkness

the Lord's kindness,gentleness ...has made us great.

the Lord's gentleness has made us great!

the Lord is our hope.

Psalm 18 reflection, Jeff Gentry.

David calls out in distress whilst Saul is trying to kill him.

God shows up.

psalm written before sin?

no, he wrote it after sins, after absslom.

prayer & hope for righteoussness, not wickedly depart, compared with saul, not neglected god...

I shared my 2 psalms 23 &119

mary shared psalm 42 "I cry aloud to the Lord..."

the Lord is our refuge!

mary had no one before heading off to college. not a drunkard any longer and former beater of christian teens.

righteous community experience.

stef shared psalm 139

why did you knit me that way?

no children...

rebeling against God. Christian in college, higher purpose.

not escaping presence of the Lord whilst wrestling.

Glen shared Psalm1

directions for life

Joann Psalm 103

going through blood problems...prayer, God healed her and sustained her.

The psalms are prayer for God.

Corprate prayer.



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back in the blogosphere...

it was a dark, manic type of night for our heroine.

after stablizing in a unit for 4 nights home seemed to be an alternate universe to the visions/anger/ unceasing energy that coursed through her nerons.

but as hearld by a popular t shirt company, life is good.

She settled in with Fnx music and a bible verse scan, reorganized her filing system, and drifted to sleep about 10pm.

AWAke @ midnight. Rain pulsed down upon the sidewalks of Salem and she could only feel joy towards night rain because her guerilla gardening was being quenched.

Earlier that monday she had discussed tending a Vault greenhouse with Monk Geoff.
The gathering does need to profit from its skills. As declared in prayer, this is the years of Harvest!

Please pray that my mind remains focused as i drive toward RI & cape in search of being accepted into a Certified Peer Specialist course.

any more info on anything in this blog refer to transformation center, The gathering, and Jesus!

be blessed,

PAIX ><>

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

make new friends, but keep the old!

Make new friends
But keep the OLD
One is Silver but the others Gold


if your the praying type, lift up the broken hearts that will be healed this weekend.

I sit here in the Vault experiencing serene, spirtually charged music with a Iesu CRIST agape in every off beat.

Elijah is a mirical in the making.
He is completely consumed in a Holy fire which dances upon guitar strings and anoits mando & banjo.

Vla has often expressed interest in forming an alliance with such band due to the kidney incident.

tThat? o, you'll have to ask the eli wyman personally, he'll be @ Soulfest

SO will i in that matter. August 4-8 in Gilford NH. Gunstock mtn will have an annoiting.

Be Blessed.


Monday, August 2, 2010

I like MacDo's wifi better than bar flies....

So this morning i was up again for the 5th night in a row @ 3 am.
i took a walk and used the wifi @ the Vault. then i took a drive to the ocean and enjoyed a gentle sprinkling of rain.
i remembered my GF Becky L. Matthais saying i was welcome anytime to her place in Danvers and i drove over. i txt her to let her know i was there, but Frank is in hospice state and her mom is working through her denial stage. Becky is strong, healthy, compassionate, and a loving mother of Dylan,an active elementary schooler who lives for wrestling. He is strong willed like his mother and both of them are great examples of hospitable friends.
At Becky's i took liberty of using her pool for a pre breakfast relaxing swim, and i worked on a slideshow thing with my macbook.
finally @ 630 am i drove to the Mac donalds on High Street, Danvers.

i'm serene and enjoing my bacon egg & cheese mcgriddle and an unsweetend ice tea with lemon.

it even came with a coupon for a FREE smoothie or frappe! that's worth spending my dollar on ;-)