Sunday, December 13, 2009

merry happy?

i admit i'm not exactly as excited for Christmas as in years past. this being, to quote ben , "the year of discontent". i find myself releived to have shopped for i think everyone i've had a goal to shop for and december has been a much better month than say, march. what i am trying to say in 2009 december may be my favorite month simply because it is the month ending this somewhat topsy turvy year which has brought on both tears and laughter.
since i have not updated since september i might as well let you all in on somethings that have changed.
1.I am employeed. i have a part time job with the town of danvers and tho i and my friends snicker at the title after a few beers i am what you might call a lunch lady. roommate has a kitten. cranberry is very aprhensive about me, but darn it all she's a cute lil growing thing.
3. i received a christmas cactus...which is a pretty lil growing thing.
4.i'm really into a couple tv shows and right now i'm downloading the soundtrack to one of them.
5. best note to leave off on is that i'm happily hanging out with mike again. it's amaing how much the both of us have missed each other and how we've each changed enough to make hanging out soooo much more fun. he is so important to me, i wouldn't say he's the only thing that makes me happy but he is definately one of the top things to make me love and enjoy life more.
i am a christian and don't give much creedence to horoscopes but i think in this case i'll mention that i'm a sagitarius and he's a leo. i've heard rumors that those signs are a great pair, it's one of the few things i'll agree with in the astrological charts, because i really like mike, and i think he likes me too.