Saturday, September 27, 2008

a bloggers guilt..

i know not many people read this blog too often...and i don't blame them! i'm incredibly negligent about keeping this thing updated. and those of you i owe phone calls to or visits i apologize but thanks for actually reading this as a bit of an update!
so, to quote dwight from the office "what's the scuttlebutt?"
let's do this numericaly based on this month.

1. I have been working about 17.5 hours a week! not much i know but considering how I fell apart on the last job i feel incredibly blessed to be working at all.

2. I am an addict of Facebook and Heros and the Office. most guilty application in fb i'm on? owned!

3. Socially, man i miss some of my friends! esspecially the ones i don't see like, at all! To the ones in the Boston area that i haven't seen in about a year...we're due for at least a tea or coffee.
in the mean time...i am having a good time getting to know some of the members of my clubhouse. social outings with them can be either trying or friendship building or both! i feel like the youngest woman at the clubhouse most of my friends there are over thirty. i'm not far off from the semi big 3-0 but honestly i wish i had friends close to my age that have some similar interests and are in the area so talking on the phone for a while wouldn't cost an arm &leg!

so y'all know about my month o' was your month?