Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11th 2010

i'm tired, even though i went to bed last night at like 8:30, woke @ 6:30.
but i do have mostly decaf coffee and jazzy music in front st coffee hse to wake me.
too bad no snow day today, but thanks be that there's a vacation starting the 13 - the 20th for me. happy days :-)
i'm looking forward to Valentines day, i have an odd notion that i'll be planning some of it. that's cool though, also since it'll be a sunday might talk undefined mike into coming to church with me so we can take off after the service to hang.
sigh, work today&tomorrow, i need the money so in a way i'm joyful, but since i called out sick yesterday it'll take a lil bit to get back in the swing of things.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

6th o' fevrier

yes i'm having a pint. here @ gulu gulu in downtown Salem & i am a wee bit jelous of Phil Wyman being in Wales @ this hour.
Ieychy Da!
I've had a wonderful day. i've walked down essex st. twice thus far and once it was for chocolate & ice sculptures, this time it's for beer!
i've just had an arugala/spinich salad and am sippin my 2nd beer and life is good,friend.
God is good, i've been enjoying His gift of joy for the past week and nothing seems dire when one can declare THANK YOU ABBA! and know (through faith) that his reply will always be "well done good & faithful servant"
i've written a song that i will post later when i remember my song journal.
just got to consult a chord expert to figure out a key for the brief psalm.

those who read this blog, be blessed, cause the LORD is crazy in love with u and nothing would make him happier to hear you say "Lord? i love u too."

Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes, tgif.
i'm weary and yet alert enough to not want to go home to nap but sit here in front st. coffee house and type and drink herbal tea.
work has been steady, and as i enter into this weekend since i've been up at 4am and busy doing odds and ends til 10 pm i have no worries of housework or even laundry this super bowl weekend(go saints).
i felt very privallaged to wear my earbuds and listen to my ipod to block the country music and kids chattering this offically to the day, 2 months after my 29th birthday.
i like being 29. so far good things have been happening in 2010.
i still need to figure out exactly what the IRS wants from my tax forms tho, they got rejected :-(

on a more positive note (i'm going to make a punny joke) my music has been beautiful. i practiced Vla yesterday and it was almost hard to put hymn away. i look forward to future creativity spurts given by the Creator.

i'm looking forward to this weekend, to try and relax and avoid caffine whilst hanging with the cafe folk.



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fevrier 2010

Woo hoo! It is the 4 of February 2010.
Phil leaves for Wales tomorrow. da yaown.
prayer requests also include the prof Carols Z. & his knee.
Gabe C. for healing, also on the healing prayer list is nicole s. and jodi a.
all are much loved and if you who read this blog are the praying type please also lift up the gentrys who are in mourning.
Be blessed.
My life? glad u asked!
i have rejoined weight watchers and have lost 5 lbs in the month of January.
i've pretty much change my eating to protiens, veggies, fruit and some dairy.
which reminds me i have to get a multivitamin at some point today.
i'm really happy cause tonight at Whole Foods Swampscott there's a chocolate tasting which will be a wonderful reward for being so good healthwise in eating and working out.
Joyce G. has been very generous to me and mike b. by letting us use her condo's pool and excercise equipment 3 X a week. that's also contributed to the weight loss.
I'm sitting in Jaho right now enjoying some calorie free caffine free Rooibus "African Skies" tea. but now i bid farewell for i have an appointment.
be blessed and may God give you a miracle or at least a touch of JOY.