Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

man, i'm so thankful that my family is farfromnormal.
i really enjoyed today, from the football game(mhd lost, 42-16), to my cousins, to grandma and, of course, the food!
i mean, where else could i go for thanksgiving where i'd be offered a job in Maine by my tipsy cousin? can anyone picture me moving to the sticks to be a halfway house matron?
also enjoyed, was the long walk to and on the beach...even got a few peices of seaglass. there was even a swan riding the waves as we moseyed down the beach. upon return tho there were quite a few anxious people waiting for pie.
uncle matt even made a dunkin dounuts run for the box o' joe he started to traditionally get after dinner, but Grandma has yet to explain her reasoning for brewing an entire pot of coffee that no one drank.a good thing that will come of that pot is a few days worth of iced coffee:-)
i am so thankful for the privallege that we live in a free country...i hope it stays that way. God bless all who read this blog...and may God impart on your hearts what you're thankful for today.