Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, Football, and Friends

yes, i realize this picture is sideways. i also realize i don't know 3 of the people in it. my mom teaches quilting and esl and i guess they're some of her friends.
anywho, i am writting this more about this year and what is happening at this moment.
my brother and his friends (and one is kinda my friend) are watching football, seeing if the Patriots can truly go undefeated against they're kryptonite for a perfect season, the Dolphins. i kinda want to be there too, but have a feeling i'm not wanted in there. probably cause my mood is slightly elevated resulting in randomness.
i will go in shortly or hole up with some wings in the attic, where my randomness won't affect anyone, and i can cheer and dance loudly.but there is another family member a foot, whom may be in the way of me using the attic. bah, can't win at the moment...and after going shopping twice for the family and winning a game of pool once! you'd think i'd be ready to chill out and fall asleep to football, or read my Perelandrea book. *SIGH*
Christmas is also about a day away, hence the picture. i might have ventured to write more on reflections of family Christmas past, or even talk about the Ultimate Gift(Jesus). but i'm not at that point yet. and just getting back to the point of walking on a daily bases with my Saviour would be a great Christmas wish this year,(tears flowing). as someone prayed for me today without asking anything before we started praying, she said the Holy Spirit nudged her to pray love and peace, and to remind me that God made me just the way i am, and loves me and continues to pursue. and that the friendships i have right now and the place i am i'm supposed to be.
Angels we have heard on high
sweetly singing over the plains
and the mountians in reply
echo back their joyous strains

Gloria in excelsis Deo

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