Tuesday, March 18, 2008

still on the recovery road

well my week or so has included being discharged from a php(partial hospital program), attending an emotional wearing/ spirtually encouraging conference, pulling out vla and using him for worship, and various meetings explaining to me DMH(department of mental health)/Mass Rehab/Goodwill ect.
it was a bit hard hearing from my therapist that i crossed the line from "normal" to needing to be on DMH and seeking state services, but knowing that i haven't fought this fight in vain and getting out of Steadman household territory is a goal that's more reach able in the near future. i know i have to have much more of a fire lit under my ass to fill out applications and such. i need to find out how much i do need to fill out those aps and how much i need to rely on those interviews ect for dmh, goodwill, and mass rehab.
anyways, tomorrow may include a trip to the unemployment office despite all the nice folks i'm meeting.also included in tomorrows mundane adventures, an oil change and filler up o'my dad's truck, a possible filing for section 8 housing, a glance through roommate postings, and the hope to wake up on time and say something worthy of therapy in my therapist session.
peace...i think i'm feeling it a little more :)

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Pixie said...

Glad to hear about all the good things that are going on!