Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back in the blogosphere...

it was a dark, manic type of night for our heroine.

after stablizing in a unit for 4 nights home seemed to be an alternate universe to the visions/anger/ unceasing energy that coursed through her nerons.

but as hearld by a popular t shirt company, life is good.

She settled in with Fnx music and a bible verse scan, reorganized her filing system, and drifted to sleep about 10pm.

AWAke @ midnight. Rain pulsed down upon the sidewalks of Salem and she could only feel joy towards night rain because her guerilla gardening was being quenched.

Earlier that monday she had discussed tending a Vault greenhouse with Monk Geoff.
The gathering does need to profit from its skills. As declared in prayer, this is the years of Harvest!

Please pray that my mind remains focused as i drive toward RI & cape in search of being accepted into a Certified Peer Specialist course.

any more info on anything in this blog refer to transformation center, The gathering, and Jesus!

be blessed,

PAIX ><>

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