Monday, February 14, 2011

a flirtaciousflauntingalloup ...story o ...well

it 's often good to start a story in Gensis, with element brewing to create a steamy possibly miraculous conception.
Elements. Spirt. and... a enigma of paradox.


i won't start that way... lets just start what i started in kingdom...a land and belief, ancient & present.

Prince Clyde was being the beststest hommmie to foolish ewon. After exploring the lib tree mall, they decide to continue chillaxin. & so, they went to the "eperate" leases @ 403 Esssex. 01970.As the jester joked with hair dye to create a bluish blac potentially perfect mowhawk.. the creature beast, Suzann'cycopath, started to medle...

Clyde enjoyed Mac& Cheese till the Jester sensing unrest and disrespect from the zangatdragon, confronted her and asked for respect. the battle began.

Clyde as my witness the foolish e! stood as a warrior would.

after clyde left...lizzybee: stunned, tried breathing. collecting her "battle worthy" 'elf she called 911.

cop came.

witnessed abuse.

Jesta went to King & Queeens!

demand les clyde...

matters reveiled that yes, abuse had occured.

to affirm pride and self worth a fool is not happy wit gold, but fun.

meetin respectable gmailers is a key stratagem....

i played up til 5pm, heading wrecklessly and playfully to Steadmanase.

Queen Anne...concerned. did not respect tjhe sojounr jorney norgey fool and demanded stuff.

all silly lizzzy iz thinking is POOP: the great equalizer.

love toujours. le SEULMENT silly steady izenbelle.

ps. jesse he ..better. ? call me???

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