Sunday, April 17, 2011

prophetic palm sunday pub crawl dream?

so, being involved with friends that remember the 90's as adults and not teenagers, i'm frequently invited to remember things like clubs/bars that existed before i could legally drink. Bleachers.
there was an annual memorial pub crawl on saturday the 16th of april that celebrated the family of "bleacher creatures". yes, i needed to go, it was but a year ago that becky showed me the wonders of jello shots and i had my first one!
this year was different. almost better, and if these things get better year by year by the time i'm 40 it will be too spectacular.

so, what does prophetic palm pub crawl dream have to do with anything?

let's just share the dream:

in the dream i was in a two level club/bar where people downstairs were dancing to music. a tall new friend of mine was there. he was about 6'4, and there were models dancing with us. but they were all 5'4 to 5' one point in the dream me and my friend and some models went upstairs.there, the friend started making out and having sex with a japanese model in a blue and white dress. he indicated that he wanted me next, i asked him to use condoms, he said he never used condoms. so i went back downstairs and danced. at the end of the dream i saw him again but we didn't talk.

bleachers was a two floor club.

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