Sunday, December 4, 2011

3 dreams

i write on this nearly forgotten blog to report 3 dreams in the course of about a week.

1. i dreamed the church the gathering was taking a picture outside of the Vault and they were dressed all in white. the men in choir/baptismal robes. and the women all in wedding dresses.

2. the second dream was of hanging out with a man who i like and involved a pair of red sports shorts. the dream included another male friend who gave me advice on the other man by relating to the situation if he had been the man.

3. i was in a prison or school of some sort and women and men were going in and out of doors in the hall way whispering to each other and always shutting the doors behind them. i didn't know any of them. also i was in the rest room twice in the dream, but didn't use the sinks or toilets, it was like i just was confused of where i was supposed to be since the doors were being shut and i was tired of being in the hallways.

any interpertation of any of the dreams would be greatly appreciated.

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Earning a Prophet's Wage said...

I try not to get caught up in dreams too much. But a few have seemed significant and memorable over the years. This is pretty much how the Bible seems to treat them too. Though I am sure there is a different rhyme and reason in that treatment from mine.

Anyway, I was digging through Agent B's old blog and found your comment there from years ago. I was blogging in those days too.

formerly known as Agent X

Many blessings...