Saturday, March 3, 2007

Guiness makes me Human

welll.... confession time.
i love to go out on Friday nights. but i'm spontaneous. i want to find a friend and impulsively have an adventure.
so last night, after visiting the Wymans and Josh Rivera, i jumped on the blue line at Wonderland and went to Fanuiel Hall's
Jose Mcyntires. it's the best tex-mex irish bar(bah) in Boston.
it's amazing how you just fall into the most comfortable conversations with political folks who enjoy a pint.
i met an engaged couple who met in Alaska, the connection they made was over Boston Red Sox.
Also met a couple of 30 somethings who had opinions on Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and more importantly , the next republican canidate. we came to the conclusion the best team would be Mc Cain/Romney.

i'm so happy when in a stubborn democratic state i can find folks with brains enough to discuss civily things debatable rather than being labled and ostracized.


"God made you special and He loves you very much" -VeggieTales

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mikeofearthsea said...

I beg to differ...

The best team would be McCain/Guilliani (sp?)

Moderate republicans are the only ones who stand a chance against any democratic candidate in 2008.

My "West Wing" hype prediction... It would be fun to see Gore (Prez)/Bill Clinton (as VP). Though it would never be good to see anything happen to Al it would be fun to see the speaker of the house become president if Gore was (hopefully any absence would be temporary) becasue the line of succession would skip over Bill re: amendment preventing more than two terms as president. Maybe to give Phil excitement - the speaker of the house if that happened would be Newt G.

I'll probably vote republican. McCain is the best leader (though I'm following what's-his-name from Kansas whose among the evangelical fellowships in DC (the folks Chuck Colson spent time with). Unfrotunately, no religious conservative can unify the country these days.

Regardless, I think Hillary/Obama are unstoppable - regardless of who gets the VP/Pres nomination.

The election comes down to Ohio again this year...