Friday, March 2, 2007

HI! Salut! Kamatchua! Hola!....

Bienvenue and Welcome!
i don't guarentee that all thoughts posted will be educational or make any sense.
but sometimes the things i write take a little more thought than a first glance.
take my love of world languages.
sometimes i interrupt it as a calling to join my mother in teaching ESL.
but mostly i let it play into my love for travel and missions.
i've been on missions in middle school and high school with Grace Community Church, back when it was
First Baptist of Marblehead.
that's where i discovered my love for the international folks.
FOCUS is a ministry to international students and anyone who wants to learn english.
it's an amazing experience to be exposed to cultures from the middle to the far east.
I taught ESL for a year after coordinating the FOCUS nursery. (WHOLE 'nother blogpage).
I had the most determined students. there was a woman from Morocco, a man from Brazil, and the most
memorable being Cheng San, a mentally challenged man from China who's life revolved around the FOCUS programs and
classes. He was so dilligent that he would record all the lessons i gave on his tape recorder, also he did his homework and classwork with the help of a Brazillian Christian named Abraham.

Christ taught me a lot through enlish classes, patients, understanding, persaverence- but the most important thing i took out of it was the agape, unconditional, Love for your neighboor. no matter who they are



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