Monday, March 19, 2007

has spring attacked yet?

this entry is in honor of my friends with allergys. this includes my sister.
spring can not only be beautiful and temperture wise a great improvement...but when
one turns to their wheezy, watery eyed friend, the light dawns and one realizes,
"hey, maybe not everyone has the same yearning to get muddy and enjoy the peeping out of
various plants..."
now i might excuse the muddy part on folks not relishing the squishyness an "sucction" that i find
facinating cause ...well it's cool.
but it is scary to hear someone who can't seem to get their allergys in check. Of course there is Claritin, and
other antihistimines, but some people complain of side affects?

of course, side affects (not including allergic reactions) are not something i consider to be a deterent...cause if i was
with a nose full or wheezing i would hope my friend would have sense enough to get me to a cvs or dr's to
counteract the unwanted reaction.

in's to those who struggle against the elements and aren't available for the next muddy expedition!

i raise my eye drops in sault!

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