Friday, March 23, 2007

WOOHOO! Concerts at the Vault!

tonight there was a Tom Conlin concert, but i was at work, partying down with the ATW crew, a belated St. Patricks day event:). i even got to fiddle a bit for the crowd, it was much appreciated. and the games and dancing and corned beef and cabbage was a hit.


back to the point. this Sunday at 6 at the Vault there 's a fundraiser for the Vault which will feature some wonderfully talented musician which include Elijah Wyman, Carl Nysdat, grateful ted, and more! also it is called the phil wyman thing, tho i prefer "Holy Ail"

Mae e yn lawn!(he's alright!)

Pwy ydyn nhw!

rock on in the Salem (peace) town!

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