Monday, May 28, 2007

hmm...i don't think i'm angry anymore

how do i start after an angry attempt of expression?

let's first say, humanity is people who are real, and real messed up.

"hi my name is elizabeth, and i'm human."

we joke at the Gathering that we have Christians Annonymus on Sunday evening.
i think it's a good way to describe the "debates of theology" that happen between
those who tend to want to know God, are confused about faith, love, peace, grace, and the lot.
but for myself, unless Jesus is showing me scriptures to share, i want to listen.
i get tired of defending myself and just want to feel my extended family around me.
the love of Christ and the realization of Him loving me is at times overwhelming. He's forgiven me, he's forgiven and proved his love(struggle point).should be enough for any "good Christian".

i talked a bit yesterday about how formual "christianity" won't work.what i mean by that is to quip and sum up to say "2/3 a cup a faith and a dash of hope and a lifetime of servitude" is cheap way of summing up how Jesus changes one's life, and how His plan and call for each one of us is so different. It's a blessing that men and women are different, it's a blessing that i'm not like whoever reads this blog and that the struggles i have with my faith is an individual relationship between me and the Saviour of the world!

it's a blessing to be a bit quirky.

it's a blessing to have GOD reveil himself to an individual.

it's awesome to experience a level of grace,love and hope that only comes from one source.

yeah, i got a bit deep in thought there, but i don't intend to achive holiness, i just want a life, and to turn back at it someday and say "WOW! what a rush!"

(sisters:can't live with them, can't live in the same room with out them asking questions, distracting, then leaving in a huff!)

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