Monday, October 1, 2007


"Is cherry blossom lotion combustable?" the question breezed through my mind as i stepped out of the JCC sauna after a 1/2 hr work out in the pool. i smiled and decided this would be a topic to hash out on my blog.
no deep philosophies today (impish smile), but if they invade my head i may have to let my fingers do the talking.
First, to explain the question, a couple years ago, when i was shedding pounds and eating correctly, i made the wise choice of moving my, ahem, limbs- in a pool for excercise. this coupled with some walks about Salem and Marblehead, was a sucess. but the point of this is not the weight, it was the sauna.
many times after the 45 minute water jogging/aerobics, i would meet up with the russian jewish ladies in the sauna and "chew the fat"(at least the english parts of the conversation). the rules posted about the sauna mostly made sense to me, no water (it's a sauna, not a steamer), no pregnant women (what would it do to the fetus?), but when i read on to the no lotions, and found the rule was broken daily, i followed the herd. Rationalization being, "I'm only here for a few to 15 minutes, what does it hurt?"
no ephinaies here, tho in the end i concluded ( and proved) cherry blossom lotion does NOT explode in a sauna, i might not bring it in as often, maybe, just maybe, i'll learn to respect an establishment.

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