Tuesday, November 4, 2008

livin up to blog titles...

i think some how i wanted my blog to be less about me and more about beliefs i find true and intellectually stimulating for the purpose of conversation and almost a desire to figure out the emerging "emergent" blogosphere. yet increasingly I've discovered that i'm not into everything emergent, or even intellectual stimulation. What i've discovered is this blog is my own and whatever passes through brain synapses winds up spewed through the fingers like a rough draft.


i truly admire the people who blog surf, find this blog, and wonder what are Izenbet's Interests?

i think i'll make a brief list:(top)

1. God(spirituality)

2.working on accepting myself for who i am

3. working (even be it part time)

4. music and jamming with musicians(be it on viola or drums or singing)
5. dancing

6.socializing with friends

7. making new friends

8. racial reconciliation

9. sleeping

10. cooking

things i struggle with will be ranted out on the more dysphoric(?) blogs

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