Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ben Stien? an excellent choice for a film, movie review of Expelled

I have been enjoying in my down time a movie, most of those who know me know at this point in my cycles(hypomania) i don't have the attention span for a 2 hour movie, but Expelled has captured my attention and made me aware of the dire need to get scientist to be scientist.

this movie has pithy humour and encourages a thought provolking conversation afterwards.

forunately it give creedence and sheds light upon a hidden debate.

ID(intelligent design) VS Darwinism

even in the opening credits one views Ben Stien as the key rable rouser and by him asking questions and putting out the valid question of "why?"

the film evolves from "subscribing to a concensus view" to exploring world history based on the same theories.

this film is moving as well, be aware those of you that pray that continuing a vigil in such for the nation and one another.

Freedom is Freedom, this movie will resignate with americans and the world community.

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