Sunday, November 9, 2008

nauseum after naps

i've been getting motion sickness sitting still.

fairly unimportatnt. and yet...

i heard a sister in Christ speak once on "modern inconviences" and how to take things that irritate one and flip it out to a praise and blessing to the Abba.

funny how certain services stick in ones craw like toffee!

i don't know, but perhaps, it wasn't the point of the message that hit home, it was the receptiveness of God placing ears on softened hearts and "breathing" through the Sister Rev. to make the words politely planting seeds of "hope and a future" in ears willing to hear.

i'm befuddlingly amazed at the beauty of the earth. but sometimes i'm more in love with the creation my Daddy sprinkled amongst the foliage.

i'm going for a walk now in this gorgeous weather now, with my Lover of Life, Jesus.

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