Sunday, July 5, 2009

my finally day in beautious VT.
and the sun has finally allowed me to let myself ride Dakota (horse) and swim in the river at the audbon in hunnington.
the swim was delicious.
the ride was good too.
on my FB account i typed a song i scribbled down at the river.
Back home in Salem i hope to record it or at least practice it with Nug and Pastor Phil.
i've been fiddling lately too. unfortunately since Vla is broken i am playin Vln...but i am amazed at how fast i can fiddle with Vln vs Vla.
i should wrap this up and have some water and a Luna bar.
i've enjoyed the organic and fair trade shoppin i've been able to do up in Burlington.
i feel loved by even the bluebird i saw sitting on the road as i drove from the river up here to the rest stop to use VT wifi.
if you are a regular reader of this blog i want to share God drew me to Luke 11. in the message it says " while he was saying these things some woman lifted her voice above the murmurin crowd 'Blessed the womb carried you and the breasts from which you nursed!' Jesus quipped "Even more blessed are those who hear God's WOrd and guard it with their lives!"

my aunt and uncle are athiest/agnostic. but all weekend my aunt has been sayin she is blessed. please pray that her heart is broken and restored by the one bestowin the blessings!

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