Friday, July 3, 2009

live from VT! it's...

If walking down the street wearing jeans, flops, paisly-esque shirt, and a tie dye bandana doesn't officially make you a hippie, does giving the peace sign, buying a fair trade peace ring, and swimming naked in a secluded river push you over the beat nick line?

i am recovering from dreams, visions, and basking in the glory of an Abba who told me take my burden, it's light!
cast all your cares upon me, for i love you!

he's been telling me some exciting revelations lately, please pray that they are carried out to the fullest to fufil my recurring image of a lighthouse growing out of Salem and Marblehead and igniting with holy spirit Fire, which then sends sparks across the nations to grow other (lifehouses)!

also pray for confimation that the silver chalice i see in my visions being filled and over flowing is the truth light and peace that the saviour wishes to pour upon the earth.

blessings friends.

love in Crist,


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