Saturday, February 6, 2010

6th o' fevrier

yes i'm having a pint. here @ gulu gulu in downtown Salem & i am a wee bit jelous of Phil Wyman being in Wales @ this hour.
Ieychy Da!
I've had a wonderful day. i've walked down essex st. twice thus far and once it was for chocolate & ice sculptures, this time it's for beer!
i've just had an arugala/spinich salad and am sippin my 2nd beer and life is good,friend.
God is good, i've been enjoying His gift of joy for the past week and nothing seems dire when one can declare THANK YOU ABBA! and know (through faith) that his reply will always be "well done good & faithful servant"
i've written a song that i will post later when i remember my song journal.
just got to consult a chord expert to figure out a key for the brief psalm.

those who read this blog, be blessed, cause the LORD is crazy in love with u and nothing would make him happier to hear you say "Lord? i love u too."

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