Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes, tgif.
i'm weary and yet alert enough to not want to go home to nap but sit here in front st. coffee house and type and drink herbal tea.
work has been steady, and as i enter into this weekend since i've been up at 4am and busy doing odds and ends til 10 pm i have no worries of housework or even laundry this super bowl weekend(go saints).
i felt very privallaged to wear my earbuds and listen to my ipod to block the country music and kids chattering this offically to the day, 2 months after my 29th birthday.
i like being 29. so far good things have been happening in 2010.
i still need to figure out exactly what the IRS wants from my tax forms tho, they got rejected :-(

on a more positive note (i'm going to make a punny joke) my music has been beautiful. i practiced Vla yesterday and it was almost hard to put hymn away. i look forward to future creativity spurts given by the Creator.

i'm looking forward to this weekend, to try and relax and avoid caffine whilst hanging with the cafe folk.



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