Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fevrier 2010

Woo hoo! It is the 4 of February 2010.
Phil leaves for Wales tomorrow. da yaown.
prayer requests also include the prof Carols Z. & his knee.
Gabe C. for healing, also on the healing prayer list is nicole s. and jodi a.
all are much loved and if you who read this blog are the praying type please also lift up the gentrys who are in mourning.
Be blessed.
My life? glad u asked!
i have rejoined weight watchers and have lost 5 lbs in the month of January.
i've pretty much change my eating to protiens, veggies, fruit and some dairy.
which reminds me i have to get a multivitamin at some point today.
i'm really happy cause tonight at Whole Foods Swampscott there's a chocolate tasting which will be a wonderful reward for being so good healthwise in eating and working out.
Joyce G. has been very generous to me and mike b. by letting us use her condo's pool and excercise equipment 3 X a week. that's also contributed to the weight loss.
I'm sitting in Jaho right now enjoying some calorie free caffine free Rooibus "African Skies" tea. but now i bid farewell for i have an appointment.
be blessed and may God give you a miracle or at least a touch of JOY.

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