Thursday, June 3, 2010

not so subtle joy

Lately I have been feeling a sense of contentment.I'm not too high or low, I'm just about able to find a little joy in life when the little things make me smile.
Such as I've got about 20 minutes more to sit here in Front St. sipping herbal tea and prepping my mind for the rest of the day. my "Life is Good" mug has pretty much address my view on life at the moment. i was on fb earlier and i saw an add for blues dancing. Since i've danced swing since '99 a new style sounds fun, and of all days it's on thursday! perfect preweekend activity.

anyway, life has been good on and off the dance floor. i lost 7 lbs in the past week and am determined to keep up the good work.

on another note since i've started the process of turning from my sin and seeking God in worship through both fellowship and private composing of viola music with Vla, i feel God in my spirit as tho after a couple month absence the Holy spirit has once again started cleaning the cobwebs.

Grace is an amazing thing, i pray that i can extended it more often in the relationships and casual encounters every day.

I love because He first loved me.

be blessed!

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