Saturday, June 5, 2010


If you want to be aware of something about this blog, be aware of this. I am a random, eclectic person who feels no need to constrain herself upon a blog which by definition is made as a public journal. So if i rant and make nonsensical statements, it's my blog and i'll cry if i want to!

so what's special about today? maybe it was the thunderstorms that shook me awake last night @ 3 am. i did get motivated @ 7:30 after grasping another 2 hours of sleep to make a smoothie, do my beth moore hw, and walk down to coven where i am now enjoying tea and wifi on what otherwise should have been a sleepy saturday. If you've never been to Coven i highly recomend it. i'm sitting on a black couch which faces a wall and my macbook & tea are atop a pirates chest. Actually i had a cupcake here last sunday with Matt Goth and Pastor Phil. It was after a lovely church services @ the Gathering. To my right in a bookshelf with a my little pony on top and the rest of the shelves have games such as trivial pursuit, clue, masterpiece, mouse trap, life, ect...the bottom shelves have books.

i like this place because it's a deli, bakery and has goats milk as well as natural sodas. the tea is excellent.

Tonight there is a worship evening @ the bridge church of beverly @ 7pm. i look forward to encountering the Lord with a broken and contrite heart and leaving with joy and renewal of the Spirit.


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