Saturday, February 19, 2011


sometimes i come to blogging, not with an axe to grind, but with honestly not a clue what to write.
first thought that comes to mind is i'm cold.
it has been exceedingly windy and cold which is a nasty turn from the beauty of yesterday.
Daisy the cat above all other humphrey st cats is curled on my blanket.
she musta had a hard day of finding all the quiet sunny spots in chez steadmanse, i wager she didn't find any mice or other critters today.
speaking of other critters i saw a spider out the window of the front room, it was between the storm and the glass, it looked hungery.
today was cool, i got to have delicious indian food with a Beth Pollock. Beth and i have a foundation for building a truly respectable, possibly silly, friendship.
afterwards joyce & i went to see the SSU vikings, dominate the Westifield St hockey team.
long game, esspecially when one is there an hour early.
roll around to 5 pm and i'm @ Steadmanse, chillaxing and immediately upon walking in the door Jiyeun offers me Korean food! YUM.
filled with noddles and red potato, i reach for my macbook, and fool around on fb, then write jibba jabba here,
what worse is you just read it.
one more thing, i'm going to the VFW tonight to do kareoke with friends i miss, and people who are little more than acquaintances, life is good!

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