Tuesday, March 22, 2011

an odd tuesday

as i tune in to the bruins tonight it strikes me that this tuesday has been unseasonably positive. the current score of the game is 2-1 bruins at the end of the 2nd. but another odd thing is i'm not playing trivia tonight. yes i miss it, but if i showed up tonight i would be a lone player in the midst of teams which would kick my ass answerwise and any hope of suceeding without my awesome team mates would be futile.
so, not that i'm a quitter, but i will not show up when the odds are unsurmountable.
also on tv tonight the tittlating ncis and a repeat of glee. both make me happy :-)
too much tv? maybe, but this follows an afternoon movie with roblen. shutter island is such a good movie, no wonder folks rave about martin scorcese. i was very hesitant to watch it, but the other choices were the orphanage or the tooth fairy. neither were my cup of tea. but shutter island moves up my list for acurately depicting mental illness and the struggle for answers.
more hockey happiness...
more peace in my soul...
more joy in my heart...
more jesus

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