Monday, March 21, 2011

more thoughts

so. today in a lull in the bustling cafeteria, i thought of more stuff.
i need to call my friend in Bridge church northshore. i need to find a better church with less alienation which i caused my self, but i do feel that it was provoked by certain members, both old and new, at the gathering. the last sunday @ the vault felt just as poisoness for me as it had for the 2 years i feel i lost favor, respect and trust. but it felt more magnified than i felt it before.
i've been church shopping, the first weeks i attended a baptist church and was trying to tag along with Tom newman and mary deane for new experiences. that didn't last long.
i also saw 6 baptisms @ grace community church in marblehead.
i miss my charasmatio brethren.
i miss "hearing" or feeling the presence of Abba.
i miss the people who have forgiven me for the bashing blog which i somewhat meant but shouldn't have said.
i miss you.


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