Monday, May 21, 2007

candles, baths, and mishaps

what your gaze has just floated across is the clean up of what otherwise was the most relaxing point in this day, May 21st, 2007.

the melted remains of what once was a beautiful, decorative(being the keyword) buttterfly candle, and the ball of recovered,scraped-off-tiles wax beside it hammered in one lesson to me.

that lesson being, while relaxing to candlelight baths, keep an eye on the candle!

i guess i was kinda asking for it, the flame on the wick of the lower candles was far more flameworthy than a "normal" candle should ever aspire to blaze to. scraping the wax and holding the ball of it in my hands as it cooled reminded me of old friends from high school that experienced far more scary lapses in judgement.

one girl shared with me and a group of friends that she had just lit some candles and incense when the phone rang. she answered it(this being before cell phones) and started chatting with a boy she'd been flirtting with. when she took the call to her room she freaked to see that the table the candles were on had tipped and there was a fire lapping at her rug. extinguishing it her "boyfriend" talked her through cleaning things up and covering the burned spot with furniture.
i'm sure she let her mom know later, but what really struck me was through this lapse of judgement there was someone on the phone that calmly guided her through the fixing of the problem.

lapses of judgement happen to everyone. makes me hope and believe that there's more out there than "luck" and "chance".
makes me believe in the still small nudging at my heart to do the right thing, this spirit that when i admitted true belief in Jesus, seemed to stick with me, through some pretty stupid things i got myself into.

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