Saturday, May 12, 2007

happy mothers day

well i'll briefly disclose that this was a very busy saturday. i'll also disclose that i have yet to pick up a mothers day present, which i will do after a few more key strokes.
it would be nice if i had a picture of me and my mom to post on this thing. yet she's sorta camera shy. and havin her sit in front of my computuer to take a shot just seems too much of a hassle at the moment.
if any poetry came to mind about how generous and kind and servant focused my mom is, i'd share it, yet due to busy days and nights my creative side was completely depleated with the playing of my new toy, a keyboard/electric piano sorta thing.
my mom and i haven't always gotten along. i'm kinda hard to handle and risk taking, she's sorta bossy and nervous. but things have evened out and i'm so thankful for the qualities that so many others spot right away.
she has a heart for teaching English as a Second Language classes twice a week in Boston. She makes friends with foriegn students at Salem State, which sometimes leads me into some cool international friendships.
my mom loves me, despite the trials i know i put her through, and because of the simple blood ties and watching me grow in the Church, in school , and in the continuing search for a Christ centered purpose. i know not to take my mom for granted, but it took a while to grasp and be thankful for the woman who carried me nine months and is now even letting me live in her house and open it up to friends who are visiting.

ok that's enough! time to run to home depot for the mom day gift! happy mother's day to all moms, and future moms, and grammas for that matter.


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