Wednesday, June 30, 2010

it was free! so..

i can think of very few free things that i don't like. free chocolate is always good, free tea, free raspberries from my moms garden makes me very happy. i'm sure there are "free" things out there somewhere that are not as cool as the afore mentioned. i dislike on the internet that one will click on something for "free" but there will be a million little catches and in the end you're out 30 bucks.
i'm not too worried about the biggest free thing in my life, my freedom in Christ. as has been lectured from many a pulpit and shared with many a friend and stranger, my redeemer has ransomed his love at the highest cost to give away at a price anyone can afford. His love, which cost death and resurection, is free.
i love him because he taught me to love by loving me despite my anger and bitterness. i can never escape his grace and forgivness. such a wonderful thought on the last day of June heading into a summer full of potential, promise and prayer.
i am blessed. be blessed!

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