Friday, July 30, 2010

at the FRONT of my mind

SO. the date is july 30th, i sit enjoying a wonderful salad courtsey of Front St Coffee house.
on a side note, sometimes things outside of marblehead freaked me out, but considering what the Creator has sustained me through through out ministry which technically began @ age 14 @ camp chilaven in east douglas MA. I am and always will be far from perfect but i believe strongly through all my learning experiances God is fufiling his promises here in Salem.
my only evidence consists of a 15 year journey into ministering to the broken hearted.

the first thing i want to say is about camp. i was not properly medicated @ camp and might have done just as much damage as good, but my heart tells me that the friendships i sustained from that camp for 13 years past the fact is a victory. i still love Jeremiah, Ariel, Lillie and all their spouses, but considering it has been a decade since we flirted and shared Jesus with inner city children, i consider it also wonderful that i can facebook message Sue and pray for the encounters 15 years ago.

College was a bit of a flop for me. I finished 2 years at Gordon College and relized i wasn't meant to study, i was meant to do!so, i did. I loved playing ultimate frisbee and building relationships with roomates like Nanx, Esther, Cathy, Carissa E, and so many illness tried to claim victory, but the Holy Spirit fought valliantly, and Joy wavered in and out of my life.

2004, i'm a CNA/CHHA , i started attending my friend Kristen Erikson's new ministry local in Lynn, MA. One Voice was a brazillian based foursquare church. i remember specifically going one winter to NH to a camp to have a retreat with Eliana & Jon Runyan. We drove by Streams Ministires on the way to the camp and my curiosity peaked when Eliana mentioned the prophetic ministry being taught.

2005 i finally get to the city i belong in, the city of peace, witch city Salem, MA!
the reason and the logic is unfathomable how i got here and how daily miricles gave me joy. i started attending the Gathering with Liz Casler. She never came back, but 5 almost 6 years later i don't regret meeting the community and gathering of believers that have introduced me to Streamers, John Paul Jackson, Phil Wyman, and a countless others who have affirmed my hearts desire of a ministry to the broken hearted. Jesus is so alive and well, the atmostphere has changed since i was a child afraid to drive through salem because i felt evil present. But there is such joy in my heart that i am a minstrel, an artist, and beautiful and useful in the sight of my King.

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