Monday, February 21, 2011

gah, here again

listening to Lenka, on pandora radio.

if i stare down this blog long enough some words will magically appear and i will be able to post a blog post which creatively appeared due to the tappity tap of some poorly painted nails, 3 of which have been clipped today to prepare for the time which they will press on Viola's strings. when the nails press on the strings the other hand automatically draws a bow across them.
Currently, for music, i am experimenting with bluegrass. Laura will appear in Mhd tomorrow and we will attempt "angel band" and "golden wings".
but my music never just settles for stellar "o brother where art thou?" music.
Creativity points me to hymns, which meld into fiddling joyfully and actually singing my heart's song to Iesu.

so, there it is, a minorly red wine influenced blog on my musical expirementations on the third floor of Steadmanse.


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