Wednesday, February 23, 2011

reality shows.

i admit.

i am a semi-reality show snob.

(i was going to say whore, but snob fits too)

tonight, i am indulging myself with top chef. i have flirted with top chef seasons and am pumped to see the top chef all stars, chefs from all season, competing for the coveted title of top chef( plus a lot of money, and maybe a car or 2).

other guilty pleasures?

how bout stay in the same genre, Hells Kitchen & Kitchen Nightmares.
Gordon Ramsey made a killa decision to go from football(soccer) to kitchen to reality shows. the latest winner of Hells kitchen, won my heart with her attitude and palate, but i am ashamed to admitt i cannot remember her name. i think it's some sort of "ora"...

i used to be a biggest loser fan. i really tuned in when one of my Dr.'s sons was on it. Neil Tejwani changed his life and lifestyle thanks to Bob & co on Biggest Loser.
once, after the show ended, i saw neil in a mall in Salem, he looked great. and from what i can gather he & his girlfriend( or wife at this point) are very happy and a lot healthier. guiltiest pleasure is the real world/road rules shtuff. it basically is just beautiful people hooking up, and every now and then they throw in a transgendered.


silly me.

back to top chef, and maybe some americas next top model ;-p

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